Aurora Borealis in Cumbria
08th October 2015
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Photo products and Gifts
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Want a West Cumbria Images photo gift, but don't want a print? Check out this gallery for a whole host of items you can purchase
Pebble Art
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Pebble Art
Art created from local "sticks n stones".
Personalised pieces can be made to depict your family or friends. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please note that the images are example pieces, the piece you receive may not necessarily be the exact piece photographed.
As each pebble and piece of driftwood is slightly different, no 2 finished pieces are ever going to be identical, but they will be the same composition and size.
(If the piece photographed has already been sold, we will contact you before shipping a replicated piece to make sure you still want to go ahead with your order).
Thank you.
Lakes, Tarns & Rivers
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The Coast
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Loweswater in Summer Panoramic Prints
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Wildlife of West Cumbria
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Rural Life
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Original Art
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Original Art Work by Philippa Christie